Continuity Consultants and Staff

In addition to advanced education at leading institutions, the Continuity team offers specialized training and extensive practical experience in business strategy, financial and organizational analysis, family systems, succession planning, governance, coaching, psychology, and conflict management.

Doug Baumoel, MBA
Founding Partner

Blair Trippe, MBA
Managing Partner

Heidi Clark - Continuity LLC

Heidi Clark
Senior Consultant

Paul Faxon - Continuity LLC

Paul Faxon, JD
Senior Consultant

Sandra Geller - Continuity LLC

Sandra Geller, CFP
Senior Consultant

Dennis Kessler - Continuity LLC

Dennis Kessler, MBA
Senior Consultant

Sam Davis - Continuity LLC

Sam Davis, MTS/MBA
Senior Consultant

Matthew Cadbury - Continuity LLC

Matthew Cadbury, MA/MBA
Senior Consultant

Jonathan "Joc" Clark, PhD, Senior Consultant - Continuity LLC

Kenneth Segal, MBA
Senior Consultant

Jonathan "Joc" Clark, PhD, Senior Consultant - Continuity LLC

Jonathan “Joc” Clark, PhD
Senior Consultant

Judy Sockol - Continuity LLC

Judy Sockol
Senior Consultant

Arline Kardasis - Continuity LLC

Arline Kardasis
Director of Training

William Winn - Continuity LLC

William Winn, EdD
Psychologist and Coach

Meta Greenberg - Continuity LLC

Meta Greenberg
Business Communications Specialist

Ed Evarts - Continuity LLC

Ed Evarts
Leadership Coach

Libby Lok - Continuity LLC

Libby Lok

Elizabeth Frederick - Continuity LLC

Elizabeth Frederick
Director of Marketing

Ron Sweet - Continuity LLC

Ron Sweet
Practice Manager

Betsy Brodsky - Continuity LLC

Betsy Brodsky
Consultant Resource Manager

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