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Customized Training for Managing Family Businesses and Advisors

Beyond all the advantages that family businesses offer over non-family firms, such as familial loyalty and pride, most require help developing a common vision that works for both the business and the family. Any transition in a family business can be a complex undertaking. There is an ongoing need to address a range of issues facing current and next-generation managers, owners, and advisors.

Director of Training, Arline Kardasis, clarifies how Continuity’s training programs can reinforce the overall impact of the development work we provide for enterprising families as well as individual family stakeholders.

Family business training programs

Support all enterprise stakeholders in enhancing the skills needed to confidently navigate family business.

Our subject matter experts and specialized trainers offer half-day, full day or multi-day programs at a location of your choice.

The focus of such a gathering may include:

  • Maximizing Your Service Impact
  • Strengthening Your Client Relationships
  • Expanding Opportunities

Experiential Learning and Family Retreats

One way to build strong families and family businesses is by regularly, and formally, gathering family stakeholders together. Whether it involves large inter-generational groups or a smaller cadre of sibling managers and spouses, a well produced family business retreat experience can renew the collective energy that lives on beyond the event itself – mobilizing stakeholders around shared perspectives and insights that improve the ability to meet new challenges or opportunities. A focused agenda with expert facilitation will ensure that these meetings become most effective.

Continuity is Located in Boston

Our offices are easily accessible via automobile, by train (Amtrak and South Station are within a few blocks walking distance), public transportation, and Logan International Airport. Our facilities offer ample and flexible space for a variety of meeting formats and sizes. This central location provides a range of choices for dining, accommodations, and entertainment to support guests attending family retreats.

Contact Us for scheduling and learn how we can customize a program for your enterprising family.