CONTINUITY is a leading family business consulting firm that develops comprehensive strategies for enterprising families, so they can thrive together as owners, managers and family members through succeeding generations.

We serve clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Continuity’s Focus Areas:

Managing Conflict

Moving families beyond fighting, litigation or simply being stuck.

Succession Planning

Strategies for generational transitions in management, ownership, and governance.

Family Governance

Building sustainable decision making process, improved family alignment and vision for shared assets.

Organizational Development

Design and implementation of corporate structure, policy and accountability.

Corporate Governance

Building structure and process for corporate oversight, strategy development and transparency.

Training and Development

Personal and professional development for all stakeholders and their advisors.

Leadership Development

Building effective leadership through assessing, coaching, and accountability.

Planning an Exit

Crafting liquidity options for some or all stakeholders.

Continuity Speakers Bureau

Timely programs tailored by our experts for your family meetings, keynotes, and workshops.

Wealth Integration

Helping integrate generational wealth productively for individuals, families and the communities they value.

Real Estate

Specialized services for real estate owning families.

Family Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

Productive, enjoyable and purposeful family and business gatherings tailored to your needs.

SmBookCoverFinalDeconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth and Power

“The ability of stakeholders to manage conflict is the single most important challenge for any family that works or owns together.”  – Eric Allyn, Welch Allyn, Inc

This book has become an indispensable guide for family business systems. Order yours today!

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Continuity Family Business Consulting (ContinuityFBC) is a specialized team of family business consultants and family business advisors who combine expertise in business and family systems with a deep understanding of the type of conflict affecting enterprising families. We produce actionable plans that enable family members to effectively implement transitions and new structures in a timely manner.