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Family Business Consultants

Family Business Board of DirectorsContinuity’s family business consultants work with enterprising families to develop comprehensive strategies enabling families to thrive together as owners, managers and family members through succeeding generations. We serve clients throughout the United States and abroad. Our clients include family businesses, boards of directors of family firms, family councils, and families of wealth. We also work with private equity firms and other professionals serving family businesses. Continuity’s approach to family business consulting is collaborative and we always seek to work together with existing advisors.

Services offered by our family business consultants

Our family business consultants’ approach to working with family firms is grounded in business expertise and supported by a unique understanding and approach to family dynamics and managing conflict. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Managing the inherent conflicts and challenges of family business
  • Managing shared wealth productively by finding common purpose and balancing the sometimes competing interests among several family branches
  • Planning a succession strategy that ensures a strong enterprise and leaves all stakeholders feeling fairly treated.

Whatever the situation, all Continuity family business advisors take the time to understand your business, your family, and the interests and needs of all stakeholders in order to help you make sound, informed decisions.

Other family business consulting services we provide are:

  • Comprehensive business and family systems analysis
  • Individual assessment and coaching.
  • Practical business advice designed to support stakeholders in building a stronger organization and more cohesive family relationships.
  • Conflict management
  • Exit planning

3 core skill sets required for successful family business consulting

We believe that family business consulting is most effective when the consultant is trained in 3 core capabilities: business operations, family dynamics and conflict management. Continuity’s family business consultants all have experience in these areas and have the highest credentials in these fields. Coupled with their substantial experience in both family and non-family businesses in the US and abroad, Continuity family business consultants have had transformative impact for the many families we have worked with.